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FOX News
Aug 1, 2013 9:00pm PDT
in scandal, we have more than 100,000 -- sean, there are more than 100,000 additional federal workers on the federal payroll since president obama took office. has anybody seen a difference does suddenly transportation work better because we were just short on personnel? >> what he said, what he campaigned on, the reason he's losing independents and liberals is because what he said and what he did are two different things from the nsa scandals going through, you name t it's really getting to those people that are independents an liberals. >> congressman schock. >> i'm thinking if he has relatives struggling, we point out to our daughters, you have cousins struggling. what a cheap skate. he can't help out his own cousins struggling and spread the wealth around because it's his patriotic duty. >> not only are they not generous. when they are, they're generous with other people's money. they're not good at being generous. i share the president's vision. i want to help people that are struggling. that want to better themselves that are looking for work, that are out of work, that are unem
FOX News
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. he was born in canada. he's a u.s. citizen and a canadian citizen. >> let me say this, sean. i think what you see here is when ted cruz was asked about it, he produced his birth certificate. no big deal, right? the president dragged his feet for years and so the issue became more the president's doing than anybody else. i think ted cruz handled it the right way. he produced a birth certificate. everyone knows he's a u.s. citizen and he was born an american. and the issue is over. the problem is there's those on the left who just can't stand it. they've got to come up with some sort of issue that keeps them going to maybe raise money or to try to fill a void in their own policy issues. >> i think he's a threat. he's intellectual. he's a conservative and he to harvard and he has the backing of a lot of conservatives including me in this country. think that he is a threat to the left. >> he's absolutely a threat. i'll tell you this. he's someone that when he is up on capitol hill and you see him participating in events or talking about issues, he's very well learned on the issues. he kn
FOX News
Aug 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. today, what is your reaction, sir? >> sean hannity, in the good old days when men were men, gay meant you were happy and aids was an anti-depressant, we had hollywood stars like john wayne and others you could look up to, we had the roman catholic church. look at the scandal there. in fact, lance armstrong, who i thought was one of the greatest stories in american sporting history, has been found dirty and now is getting sued all over the place. i believe, sean, and i think you would agree with me, that role models are those individuals you have dinner with. it's moms and dads and brothers and sisters and poppies and nanas and aunts and uncles and you can't look at anyone for a role model except for in your own family. >> i was a new york mets fan growing up. i wanted to be tom seaver. help me out. you're friends with pete rose. >> there is no better man, he's a man's man and a woman's man. pete rose, johnny bench and others, frank robinson went to pete for years and said, come clean, it's all going to be okay. pete couldn't confront the truth, and a-rod, i don't think, is confronting
FOX News
Aug 3, 2013 7:00pm PDT
panels. is that true? >> no, it's not true. i live obamacare every day in the examining room, sean, and you know what i see? we got them more expensive insurance. we promised them more doctors and nurses, instead we have more irs agents. this entire law is about expanded insurance too expens e expensive, we can't afford it, our patients can't afford it, and the ones that told me who were on the fringe that said to me, i can't wait until this law comes because i'm going to have coverage and be able to see you, now they're ending up with part-time jobs and worrying if they're going to have insurance at all. >> steve forbes, you are one of the best money men in the country. you understand the finances of this. will businesses really not be able to hire full-time workers? are they cutting back on full-time workers as a result of not wanting to meet that 30-hour requirement? >> if you're a small business, absolutely. your margins are small, therefore, you don't have the ability if you have a large profit margin to do this, and in the face of uncertainty, you hold back and see how actua
FOX News
Aug 10, 2013 2:00am PDT
questions on a wide variety of issues. welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm in tonight for sean. earlier, our commander in chief spent most of his time at the podium talking about how he plans to have more trans papercy in his administration when it comes to the nsa surveillance program and while the obama administration would like all news outlets to spend their valuable air time to focus on his meager attempt to, quote, restore the public's trust, there was one key topic the president seemed to gloss over. the failing economy. and folks, let's be honest. at the end of the day, that is the most pressing issue facing americans today. joining me now with reaction, radio talk show host, fox news contributor leslie marshall and republican strategist, noel, ladies, good evening. >> good evening. >> so leslie, let me throw it to you and let's look at the number of full time jobs versus part-time jobs added in july. and what this really means to the american people when productivity, 1978 levels, tepid at best recovery, why isn't the president speaking up on the economy? where's the p
Aug 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
casados o viven en otras residencias, mientras sean menores de 26 aÑos. >>> es importante recalcar que las compaÑÍas de seguro no podrÁn rechazar a las personas por problemas de salud preexistentes. >>> despuÉs que nueve peloteros suspendidoss por dopaje en repÚblica dominicana se preguntan ¿por quÉ ellos?. >>> hablamos con dirigentes del deporte y atletas sobre esto, volvemos. repÚblica dominicana nueve de los atletas, entre ellos alex rodriguez. >>> ¿es casualidad que muchos sean dominicanos?. buscamos respuestas entre mÉdicos, dirigentes del deporte y atletas. >>> sanciÓn a nueve peloteros dominicanos en grandes ligas por violar la polÍtica anti dopaje causÓ mconmociÓn en la repÚblic dominicana. >>> el caso es lamentable, hubo personas que no se esperaba que estaba. >>> la talla de algunos, la posibilidad raÍz del problema radica en que en este paÍs no existe regulaciÓn sobre el uso de esteroides, se pueden adquirir en cualquier farmacia. >>> una cultura del uso de esteroides en nuestro paÍs, es un problema de tipo cultural que es fomentado por padres, entrenadores, m
Aug 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
nuestra zona. >> todos los años las escuelas piden que eviten que sus hijos sean víctimas de rbos de identidad, es que esto podrían cometer fradudes en contra de los menores. >> el crédito es el punto principal, con esto se maneja todo en el país y la oportunidad de comenzar un nuevo comienzo, si no cuidamos el crédito, no podremos recibir esos beneficios. >> cuando menores de edad el delito puede pasar desapercibido. >> algunos estados de la nación cuenta con leyes y así evietar que sean víctimas de fraudes, déjeme decirle que hay una ley para proteger los registros de los estudiantes. >> se trata de la ley de los hijos, el departamento de educación dice que hay sectores más vulnerables que otros. >> tienen mayor riesgos de sufrir robo de identidad. >> se estima que uno de cada 10 niños emnfrentara este problema. >> es muy importante que cuando los jóvenes cumplan mayoría de edad continúen con su educación. >> estudios realizados muestran que por lo menos 10% han tenido actividad crediticia. en malasia continúa el compás de espera para ver si le perdonan la vida
Aug 28, 2013 5:35am PDT
fueron erradicadas hace muchos aÑos sean contraÍdas por los pequeÑos. nos hablan de este requisito que sirve para tener cobertura de salud en la llamada ley obama ca re. >>> llevar las libretas y los lÁpices a la escuela en este regreso a clases es im para ahora tanto. pero es mÁs im poportante llega saluble al salÓn de clases. >>> es un gran avance de la medicina moderna. >>> previenen enfermedades in febreroing tÍoss a partir del primero de enero del 2014 bajo la nueva ley de salud si lleva a vacunar a sus hijos no tiene que hacer el co pago en los seguros mÉdicos. >>> y la idea no es que sean gratis si no requisito para tener cobertura en salud. >>> la idea, es simple prevenir es mejor que lidiar con las enfermedades. algunas de ellas, creerÍamos que les habÍamos ganado la batalla y no es asÍ. >>> enfermedades como sarampiÓn y tosferina, se encontraron erradicadas en estados unidos. resurgen y ponen en alerta a la comunidad cientÍfica, ante el aumento del nÚmero de casos desde 1955 no se habÍan registrado tantos enfermos de tosferina como en el 2012. se reportaron 42 mil
Aug 2, 2013 6:30pm PDT
tambiÉn pottunto final a esto que sean recuerdos que vrevivan e ese 6 de mayo que maco ala aveni avenida, etelemundo . >> por cierto el banco de la aiueuelÑo Ño de la casa quier e las casas de los lados, consturuisr parque comunita comunitario, mencionamos hasta hoy hjayaty 1y 1,3 mllillones de dÓlares para las vcÍctimas . >> california liberara recullusos de prisiones para aliviar el acsi asinamiento , rechanzan de lpaplano petriciicioÓn de retrasar la orden , 3 juecees quieren bajar numeÚmero de reclusos porque el asinamiento e es tal que no reciben cuidados a adecuados de salud . >> algunos pueden ser llevados a carceleÁrceles del condado . >> cnonfirmado autoridades de sla slauds salud en esu uy stados unidos confirma confirman cicloesporiasis por en ensalada en bolsa ede una cia compaÑÍa mexinacana con sede en ca california , las ensaaladas en 4 erestaurantes en iowa y nebrkaska no en bolsa de supermercado . >> eal regreso , rescatan a mic michoacÁn de la viuolenolencai pero d diden cen que son palabras . >> mile .. r criusissis de violencia en michoacÁn esta sin par
Aug 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT
artÍculo 2 secciÓn una solamente las personas que sean ciudadanas por nacimiento que hallan sido ciudadana al tiempo de adoptarse esta constituciÓn serÁn aptos para el cargo de presidentes. >> muchos expertos constitucionales interpreta que debido que su madre naciÓ en delaware, adquiriÓ la ciudadanÍa y podrÍa aspirar a la presidencia, no obstante, que es un hecho que es canadiense y otros dicen que no podrÍa tener una doble ciudadanÍa y pretender ser presidente. >> muchos argumentan que no estÁn completamente comprometidos con los estados unidos. >> cruz de 42 aÑos de edad anunciÓ que iba a renunciar a su ciudadanÍa canadiense. >> (declaraciÓn en pantalla) >> esto recuerda la situaciÓn del presidente obama quiÉn aunque naciÓ en territorio estadounidense ultra conservadores conocidos cuestionan la veracidad de su certificado de nacimiento y se preguntan incluso si naciÓ en kenya. >> la un coherencia que le cayeron o obama por no nacer en estados unidos y entonces ahora cuando se enteran de ted cruz no forman el mismo ruido. >> 3 aÑos antes de la prÓxima elecciÓn preside
Aug 27, 2013 11:00pm PDT
pasa con está?. >> no tienen la certeza de que sean sus hijos, para eso pidieron un peritaje. >> pedimos un segundo peritaje extranjero. >> solo en este instante encontraran la paz los maestros en méxico se manifiestan en distintas méxico también suspendieron el partido de los pumas. >> no hay policía para resguardar los estadios. >> el vientre de la madre es la primera escuela para los bebeés úpx ♪ muchos leen obras literarias a sus hijos o le ponen música y esto es bueno para ellos, lo que podría ayudar a la dislexia. >> guillermo quiroz ya está listo. >> buenas noches de martes, hay ondas tropicales, así que por ahora no tienen formación pero hay nubosidad, y lluvias en nevada, el panorana es estable en california, el sistema se alejará el jueves, nuevamente seco y caluroso, hoy 57 grados, para mañana 71 grados, próximos 5 días este es el panorama,. se mantiene fresco en la costa, en san josé 75 grados, estable y se mantiene estable, noticias agradables. >> hay más detalles regresamos ♪ pñxñññoo ♪ vamos a un poso para la babacoa porque los
Aug 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
peacefully at home on monday. christine and sean moved up their wedding by a year so logan could be their best man over the weekend. >> we held him. sean held him. we held him together. we were on the couch and sean kept saying it's okay, it's okay to go, logan. >> yeah, because at that point i made -- i've already made my peace with god, you know. i was accepting the fact that he needed it more than we did and that, you know, one day i will see him again, i believe that. >> logan had battled leukemia and another rare disease. >>> this morning an intense search is lee dimaggio. authorities believe he killed a woman or child and abducted one or both of her children. on tuesday the children's father who was a friend of dimaggio pleaded for their return. >> the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. >> reporter: brett anderson begged his friend james dimaggio to turn himself in. dimaggio is suspected of setting fire to his home 65 miles east of san diego on sunday. inside were the remains of christina anderson and a child. authorities a
Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
entre una y 4 de la maÑana que es requisito que los trenes sean inspeccionado s y reciban mantenimiento. blanca ---aumenta el numero de personas que operan como contratistas sin tener las credenciales expedidas por el estado y las consecuencias podrian ser graves, pues muchos de ellos caen en redadas que los llevan a prision take 2 box ---angel ayllon, desde san jose, nos dice porque.. adelante angel. take pkg ;01 ;14 ;25 1; 22 1;51 2;00 trt 2;12 blanca ---tiempo de la primera pausa , pero mas adelante... take vo ---la legislatura de california toma medidas para que todas las limusinas en california sean seguras. take vo ---las auto-defensas en mexico podrian estar recibiendo fondos desde estados unidos que hacen posible sus operaciones. take live vo ---recuerde que personal de siren ahora se encuentra en nuestros estudios para contestarle en vivo todas sus preguntas sobre el proceso de ciudadania, solo tiene que llamar al 1- 800-548-48-84. topvo blanca blanca ---mire usted como este auto termino metiendose a un hogar en las colinas de oakland esta tarde. ---el choque causo un incendio
Aug 26, 2013 6:00pm PDT
accidente del avion de asiana en san francisco. take vo ---los investigadore s aseguran que "sean crudup" y "ray-chas thomas" robaron equipaje de varias personas cuyos vuelos fueron desviados luego del accidente en julio. ---la policia encontr ropa de los pasajeron en la casa de los acusados quienes al parecer canjearon ropa de una reconocida tienda. take vo blanca ---varios agentes de policia de san francisco han incluido en su equipo de servicio, camaras de video... ---las camaras se encuentran adheridas a su chaleco y seran activadas cuando los agentes efectuen algun tipo de requisas... ---esta video camaras serviran para evitar que se cometan abusos y asi disminuir las quejas de los residentes... ---el departamento fue investigado luego de que en un video aparecian varios agentes ingresando a una casa sin una orden judicial. cesar ---durante esta semana, el consulado de mexico en san jose junto a funcionarios estatales, federales, locales, asi como agencias gubernamenta les y organizacione s comunitarias estaran participando en la semana nacional de derechos laborales. take vo ---el pro
FOX News
Aug 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. why are you so offended by this? >> well, sean, first, let me thank you for having me here. >> you're very welcome. and i am not -- i'm no longer the chairman of the missouri legislative black caucus. i am the chairman of the democratic caucus. >> i apologize. >> i am -- i believe that we kind of centered this around the rodeo clown. in my opinion, the rodeo clown is only a scapegoat here. i may not even agree with banning this guy for life for doing any -- from doing any more rodeos. but i'm offended because here in missouri, we are engaging in a directive culture that says it's okay to do these types of things. >> explain in more detail what offends you. >> it offends me that anyone would make a mochrie in that way of the president of the united states. >> really? >> and i am under the opinion that it's more. it was a racial content. >> how was it racial? >> i mean -- >> how is it racial? >> sean, you didn't -- i heard you say a few things. but you didn't say what someone walked up to the clown and played with his lips. i mean, it's offensive, whether it's barack obama or george
Aug 9, 2013 3:00am PDT
into sean hannity's slot at 9:00. without telling us where sean hannity would go or what happens to the rest of the line-up, you guys have been following fox news more closely than anybody else. what's this all about? do you think this is going to happen? >> well, look, it seems likely, right. i mean fox has announced some time ago megan kelly would be moving into a prime time show. the question has always been -- where? that prime timelineup has been locked down for a decade now so drudge -- if drudge's reporting is to be believed, it will be that 9:00 slot which raises the question where does sean hannity go? does he move to 10:00? where does greta move next? megan kelly is somebody that we've kept a close eye on over the years. she's been out there in front of the some of the largest right wing scandalmongering that we've seen, typical of fox news. she's also done some very good reporting, particularly on issues of women's rights, you know, fair pay type issues. so its agoing to be interesting to watch how she reacts to moving from what fox claims is the newshours during the day to what t
Aug 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
país y que queremso que las familias sean reunidas. >> la caminata es desde sacramento a bakersfield. >> yo soy indocumentado quiero salir adelante. >> nosotros tenemos derecho al igual que todos y vinimos a buscar un futuro mejor. >> después de planear el camino comenzó la peregrinación. >> 11 millones de nosotros luchamos a diario para que vean que somos humanos. >> marcharon por las calles de la capital eran pocos pero con fuerza lo hicieron y así lo harán por 21 días. maribel lópez univision. >> una joven ya esta con su padre hannah anderson de 16 años fue rescatada de su captor james lee di maggio en idaho en un campamento tuvieron que matarlo y la joven no sabía que di maggio había matado a su madre y hermano. >> muchos son estafados en la esperanza de recuperar su casa maría rosa luccini con la información. >> muchos prometen contacto con abogados y acceso con bancos. >> estos inescrupulosos atacan a personas que están atrasados en los pagos e incluso los convencen de darles dinero. en esta etapa hay más de 9 mil embargos. >> las familias tratan de solucionar sus
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
problema en la sociedad. >> por ahora se pide que los estrudianrtes de east palo aqlto sean tratadsois de la misma amnera que loas estudiantes de bajos recursos de las comunidades donde van. >> el máximo mandatario dijo que en su juventud le iba al américa, pero después alñ toluca y ahora la selección, peña nieto resaltó los títulos del cuadro azulcrema, diciendo que son el equipo m'ñas ganador y dando palñabras para el fallecido chuchoi benítez. >> estoy orgulloso de cómo representan a todos los mexicanos. >> creo que enrique ya dijo que fue un triunfoépico, agradecerle y que nos inviten de nuevo por acá. >> ryan samber tomar'ña lsas riendas del equipo. >> los compañerosa de alex rodríguez dieron los nombres de los otros acusados en el caso biogéneis. >> djokovic fue eliminado, el ganador enfrentará a del potro. >> river no ha pagado por el traspaso de teóflico gutiérrez, por lo que irán a la fifa para solicitar le pagoi.ión >> aparecieron 2 cargos más a pistorius en el caso del asesinato de su novia por disparos en un restaurant además de disparos en su casa. >>
Aug 19, 2013 5:35am PDT
a mi, que busquen un internado, que sean alguien en la vida, que no estÉn en la kaer calle, por alguna rien las calles marcan y seducen. no faltan quienes escapan de su hogar con dolorosas consecuencias. >>> de repente encontrarlos en condiciones no humanass. >>> como encontramos a este grupo de adolescente. >>> el hambre, frÍo, no tener donde vivir. >>> salvador castellanos, univisiÓn. >>> policÍa se encontrÓ con tremenda sorpresa en un hotel en una pequeÑa ciudad cerca de toron toronto, canadÁ. los uniformados entraron auna habitaciÓn y encontraron 40 serpientes pitÓn, los reptiles en bolsas plÁsticas y hacinadas, empleado del hotel dijo a las autoridades que una pareja habÍa alquilado el cuarto y luego saliÓ a buscar unas cajas, los busca la policÍa. >>> oscar pistorius regresa a la corte el lunes. el atleta de 26 aÑos estÁ acusado del asesinato premeditado de su novia en un incidente ocurrido el 14 de febrero este aÑo. dijo que la muerte de su novia fue accidental y que disparÓ tras cono fundfundirconfundirla podrÍa enfrentar hasta 25 aÑos de cÁrcel. >>> comenzÓ
Aug 8, 2013 5:00am PDT
aparecen en la ciudad van a buscarlos a los pueblos por remotos que sean. partieron de madrid en un autobus con un grupo de chicas dispuestas a encontrar la pareja ideal. >>> no se sabe si es por culpa de la crisis econÓmica, en espaÑa muchas mujeres tienen dificultades para encontrar pare pareja. >>> por lo que este vendedor de seguros creo excursiones para salir en busca de solteros por los pueblos del paÍs. >>> apuntamos 50 hombres y al final a las mujeres las fui buscando por madrid, en peluquerÍas, establecimientos de discotecas, etc... >>> gonzalo es la mejor prueba que el sistema funciona, fue en una de esas caravanas donde conociÓ a su esposa, enfermera dominicana que lo ayuda a organizar la bÚsqueda. >>> hay cientos de matrimonios estables, parejas, de ligues no te lo cuento. >>> rosa no pierde la esperanza. >>> tengo 48 aÑos, vengo de granada y vengo todas las caravanas, divorciada, llevo 20 aÑos divorciada y a ver si encuentro al amor. >>> ¿te has echado un novio?. >>> estuve nueve meses con uno de zamora, fue bonito mientras durÓ. >>> el viaje siempre a pueblos remotos
Aug 3, 2013 8:00am PDT
. sean lee was the starting pitch belmont all-stars. >> he has a curveball and knuckle. he pretty much has everything. >> sounds like everything. and sports director larry beil will be along later to tell you how they did. nice to see the fans gathering. exciting time. exciting weather? >> it's okay. no real heat around the bay but today will be the warmer day of the weekend. as we look out in the east bay, toward the delta, very pleasant with mid to upper 80s. live doppler 7-hd showing the radar on top of mount st. helena. plenty of low clouds but up in the north bay where visibility has been reduced. bay bridge, we are beginning to see a little bit of sunshine over in oakland. it's 57 in mountain view. good morning, san jose. cloudy for you at 56. we are looking at half boon may, 54 and temperatures in and around san jose will still be below the average. a lot like yesterday, in the upper 70s. usually we'll see lower 70s and several days below average. even cooler today. concord is 58. sunny for you and napa is at 56. 52 with the fog in santa rosa. here is the fog. look at the footpr
Aug 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
servicio y mantenimiento. y que sean capacitados y entiendan inglÉs. >>> la oficina de este alguacil se encarga que la la licencia de los choferes y el estado de los autobuses, estÉn en orden. dijo que estÁn analizando que fallÓ. el dueÑo de varias compaÑÍas de mini autobuses, incluyendo la que estÁ bajo investigaciÓn. por la muerte de la bebÉ. y que en el 2011. fue demandado por un peatÓn atropellado por uno de sus choferes. no quiso hablar sobre las presuntas irregularidades frmiento >>>. la administraciÓn federal a cargo de la seguridad en el transporte pÚblico. le dijo a telemundo que como el caso estÁ bajo investigaciÓn. no pueden comentar al respecto. entre tanto, un coro de voces pide a gritos que se ponga freno a lo que consideran una amenaza sobre ruedas. en >>> inclusive mi esposo no estÁ de acuerdo que los coja. en nueva jersey, telemundo. >>> un impactante accidente, quedÓ registrado en cÁmara, en una autopista de texas. el conductor de un camiÓn que transportaba losas de cerÁmica perdiÓ el control y tras salirse el vehÍculo de la ruta, volÓ. cayÓ sobr
Aug 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
no sean de su sexo de nacimiento... take 2 box ---angel ayllon nos tiene los detalles.... angel buenas noches.... 01 20 49 1;43 1;56 trt:2;22 pkg ahora los estudiantes transgenero podran escoger los baÑos que deseen usar. asi de simple, ademas de poder elegir el vestuario que mas confortable sea para el o ella o los equipos deportivos del genero que les haga sentir confortables.... asi fue como un pequeno grupo reacciono con la decision, el gobernador de california dio a conocer hoy que firmo la ley ab1266 que le da el derecho a los estudiantes para participar en las actividades y usar las locaciones que les de comodida asi sea de un genero diferente al de su sexo al momento de nacer... bite este hombre dice estar muy emocionado como padre de un joven transgenero y considera hoy como un dia hisotirco para jovenes de esta condicion.... esto convierte a california en el primer estado del pais que hace legal esta peticion solicitada en todo el pais por familias de estudiantes transgenero, quienes dicen que por la condicion de los menores, son presionados, humillados y hasta sufren de man
Aug 15, 2013 8:00pm PDT
oakland's police chief sean whent says, addressing the city's violent crime is his top priority. ". is ceasefire" he says this is just the beginning of the operation. and that more arrests could be on the way. "nats of protesting." the chaos continues in egypt. hundreds of people have been killed in a new explosion of violence. it began with a government protestors. more than 6-hundred people have been killed -- and 4- thousand wounded. a real question now -- is the u.s. on the verge of losing one of its biggest allies in the middle east? catherine heenan reports. the death toll is staggering. hundreds of bodies lined up in buildings.wrapped in sheets. wednesday's violence began when police tried to clear two protest camps in cairo. housing islamist protestors who want mohammed morsi reinstated as president. in the clashes that followed.government buildings, like this one, were torched. cameras caught the moment a van packed with security officers went off a bridge. most or all of them were killed. among those killed in recent fighting. a young journalist named and a british pho
FOX News
Aug 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
with a soldier who was wounded at at fort hood on the post there. retired arm staff sergeant sean man something with us live. his reaction coming at the bottom of the hour from his home in the state of washington. what a road he has had to travel. we'll talk to sean coming up here. martha: we're looking forward to that and hearing from all those individuals. so important as the family members point out. in the meantime let's get awe snapshot on the health of the u.s. economy because we got some new numbers this morning. here is the commerce department number. they say the economy grew at 2.5% from april to june. that is sharply higher than previous estimates but it is not a great number overall. stuart varney joins me now, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: what do you make of it? >> you are right but it is not a great number overall but it is an improvement. martha, welcome to the new normal, are you happy with it? new normal means very modest rate of growth and still the worst recovery from any recession since
FOX Business
Aug 14, 2013 9:20am EDT
it above 15 and going possibly to 20. this could get into a bidding war. charles: sean, that's why we love you. see you soon. >>> two signs, that's right, two signs that spending cuts and austerity may actually be a good thing. first the pain from the sequestration. not as bad as president obama made it out to be. most of the major federal agencies out there, they have managed to reduce planned furloughs pretty well. some have eliminated them all together. secondly, looks like europe is coming out of recession. european economy growing in the second quarter of this year. turns out you can cut spending without the world coming to an end. at least that is what it is looking like so far, liz. liz: yeah, remember headlines out of sequester cuts, basically the sky was going to fall? biggest complainers, transportation, homeland security, education. even federal unions said we found fat to cut. they didn't have to do furloughs. reduced them or eliminated them or didn't do any furloughs whatsoever. senator tom coburn had it right. when when you put their feet to the fire they find the fat marbled
Aug 26, 2013 6:00am PDT
% contained. it could take the winter rains to finally put it out. cbs reporter sean bennett is gathering the latest information from the firelines near groveland now with the very latest. sean. >> reporter: good morning, frank. you know, we're live atop a grade this morning about 7 miles or so from groveland and 15 miles from yosemite but i just want to show you the valley and what we're dealing with. the smoke has made its way all the way back down towards escalon and oakdale just coming off 99 making your way up 120 going all the way through yosemite which is open at this hour. as far as the "rim" fire, how about some video. you can see how extensive it has been over the last week. huge flames a lot of firefighters on the front lines. now burning northeast of groveland edging closer towards homes in tuolumne county. winds up to 20 miles an hour spread flames sunday afternoon as firefighters focus on the west side to stay ahead of the fire. strike teams are even waiting nearby to protect homes just in case this erratically moving fast fire takes a devastating turn towards thousands of h
Aug 14, 2013 7:00am PDT
. the dnc and the president's grassroots organization obama for america. sean spicer is the communications director for the rnc. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> dnc spokesman says an odd way to start your meeting by attacking them. he says your only message is they don't like us. what do you that i so them? >> i think we are talking about this week is a fundamental shift we had in our party after the last election when we looked at the tactics and techniques it takes to win and put a permanent ground game in place around the country of more staffers now that will live and breathe in each of the states making relationships building connections and helping our candidates and second is making our party completely centered on digital and technology advances that benefit the entire party. the difference, chris, is this. what we are doing is a fundamental shift for a party. we are building a party send tri sent rick change here. what ofa did was built a fantastic operation that was great for one candidate who is sort of like one use only. and it has done so at the expense of the cdn. t
Aug 1, 2013 11:35pm PDT
este mundo. >>> definiÓ el carÁcter del joven, luego que sean do al cuello una sÁbana regar en el suelo champÚ. >>> tenÍa miedo con si mismo, era enzo seguro cuando Él intentaba * hacer algo y no le salÍa a la primero se daba por vencido, en fÁcil. >>> la relaciÓn entre padre e hijo tuvo capÍtulos dificiles. >>> en julio 2012 mario moreno puso una denuncia contra su padre, por corrupciÓn de menores aunque estÁ no prosperÓ esto marcÓ los Últimos mes la relaciÓn de ellos. >>> un mes de luto fue suficiente para aclarar la situaciÓn que priva entre los heredero. >>> acosÓ a madre de su hijo de abuso de confianza. >>> que mejor que se ponga a trabajar y ayude con cosas que les corresponde como madre, por su bien que viva una vida que encuentren alguien que sea feliz. >>> ademÁs acosÓ a su primer quiÉn disputa la fortuna del mismo cantinflas por no querer llegar a un acuerdo econÓmico. >>> las respuestas fue que la palabra paz no sabe entre nosotros, que Él iba a ir hasta lo Último y que me olvidara de cualquier tipo de arreglo. >>> desde ciudad de mÉxico, joo win fuente
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
paralegal. >> muchas son familias que han ahorradao y que después sean víctimas de estas personas no es justo. >> muchas personas se aplican y todavía no ha llegado una reforma entonces pueden echar a perder una aplicación. >> incluso puede terminar en deportacion. >> a algunos los reportan a ace para comenzar un proceso migratorio. >> es importante recordar que aún no existe una reforma migratoria , reporte a las autoridades si ha sido víctima de frauda. >> líderes de grupos religiosos apoyarn la causa de diaz de leon , este residente ejemplar tiene dos hijos de cinco y siete años que lo necesitan , se informó que investigan el caso. >> es una persona con un carácter moral increibl e, él es una persona que sirve a la gente y que ayuda todo el mundo. >> hemos escrito una carta. >> defensores de diaz de leon aseguran que es una personas sin ningún récord criminal y que no tiene porque ser deportado. >> dos ciudades en estados unidos aumentaron sus medidas de seguridad como nueva york y san francisco dónde la policía resguarda las calles. >> el departamento de trqansportes d
Aug 22, 2013 11:35pm PDT
explotar a inmigrantes. >> familiares de vÍctimas temen que sean cuerpos de jÓvenes secuestrados en bar heaven. >> aumenta consumo de drogas, la mayorÍa dice que se ofrecen en las escuelas, comenzamos la ediciÓn nocturna. >> (♪). >> este es su noticiero univisiÓn edicion nocturna con ilia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >> (♪). >> muy buenas noches por regularizar su situaciÓn migratoria y ante el temor de ser deportado todo esto facilita el camino de quienes buscan a defraudar inmigrantes indocumentados una de las variantes que mÁs utilizan es comunicarse con inmigrantes vÍa telefÓnica y operan de manera impune. >> (telÉfono). >> imagÍnese que la llaman por telÉfono. >> xeno que sin mi gaggraciÓn p confirmar sus datos. >> responderÍa a esas preguntas. >> no lo harÍa. >> primero tendrÍa que verificar por otros medios. >> yo no estoy segura si son de inmigraciÓn o no, no la darÍa. >> tiene razÓn el gobierno dice quiÉnes llaman con esas preguntas son estafadores que no solo sacan informaciÓn pnasino supuestamente para corregir sus datos. >> la persona no debe dar ning
Aug 6, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. >> this is the little guy we did this for today. >> christine and sean moved up their wedding date a year after doctors told them logan only had weeks to live. the backyard ceremony was put together in a week with donations from friends and strangers. even the wedding dress was borrowed. wanted their son to be part of their big day. >> this is a dream come true. all our family together and we're all together celebrating, the celebration of my son's life and celebration of our marriage. >> logan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. since then, in and out of the hospital under going chemotherapy and having a kidney removed. >> i have learned so much from logan. he has made me a better person. he's just an angel from heaven. i'm going to miss him. >> logan's mom sent her son one final message saying she will see him in her dreams. cbs news. >> former president george w bush is recovering in a dallas hospital after under going a heart related procedure. doctors discovered. a bush spokes person says there were no complications and the 67-year-old should go home tomorrow. >> bright news for us. and bri
Aug 15, 2013 4:30am PDT
on sunday night. they arrested did he sean davis. he was seen walking out of the catholic church with burglary tools. just four days earlier, they arrested transient on suspicion of vandalizing the church. he destroyed $15,000 of property. they don't think the two crimes are related. they plan to add more locks on the windows and set up a surveillance system. >>> a person is scheduled to enter a plea next week. the judge advised him to meet with his lawyer first. he will continue his arraignment next week. he is charged with possessing a firearm. >>> the police in palo alto are hoping social media will help solve some unsolved cases. they're tweeting with -- about the cases in the homes hopes that someone will respond with a tip. >> so, people can see about who we lost in the community. >> police say the tweets have not cracked any cases yet, but the number of tips have increased. tips can be september in anonymously. >> members of people who use google's gmail may think how they use it. they want to have a class action suit against datamining to be dismissed. the findings quote
Aug 5, 2013 12:30pm PDT
is rich van coal from the a l u unit. sean c'mon up and h from elixir, your famous entertainment attorney mark raney. and last but not least. c'mon up. >> i just want to say thanks for coming, you guys. i hope we are keeping you awake. we are going to throw some questions to these panelist and we'll have questions. just be nice and there is that mic. it's cord less. you can pull it out and move it around the crowd if you want to. yes. thanks again for coming. we'll take later. >> okay, panelist, recently for the second time senator mark, introduced last call at 4 a.m.. this would leave it to individual jurisdictions to determine whether or not they wanted to implement a 4 a.m. last call. the resolution did not make it through the committee. keeping in mind that other cities have late last calls and many foreign visitors are used to late hours. can you address the problem with last call as it relates to the problem with san francisco as it strives to compete with tourism. who would like to start? h? >> why don't you start. >> okay. having an international background and having lived in eu
Aug 5, 2013 1:30pm PDT
for these individuals as they leave as well. so sean as another private companies do a good job of policing the streets and we leave it to the individual owners on any given night and i have said to other individuals as well that to take the temperature of your club and if you don't like what's going on, shut it down a little bit earlier and shut the music down a little bit early so they are not all taken out at one time. if you have different genres omusic and different cultures, that's where there could be some tension. we ask the owners to take responsibility not only for the people in the club, but when they get out as well they police the sidewalks and call the police department. as previous individuals we have never puntively addressed anyone when they call. we address the calls accordingly. we tend to use the numbers favorably. >> back to what this chief said, i certainly understand the fact that staffing drives a lot of this and i think it would be useful for us given where we are in terms of staffing to have a conversation of what would it take in terms of resources to get to the right amount
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